Residual Humidity Meter (incl. label)


A fire burns better with dry wood. Anywhere below 20% residual humidity, is dry enough to stoke. If wood lies drying in the wind, it shrinks, and the Residual Humidity Meter uses this effect. It works like this: Stack the wood outside in a wood store up to a height of about 2 metres. Hang the Residual Humidity Meter at the correct height in the woodstore:

  • 3 droplets at the same height as the top of the wood pile; fresh timber.
  • 2 droplets at the same height as the top of the wood pile; for slightly dryer timber.
  • 1 droplet at the same height at the top of the wood pile; for almost dry timber.
    You need to try and estimate the humidity in your wood pile.

If the wood pile drops to 20% under the line, then it should be dry enough to burn.

For an extra check you can use the label:
Write the month and year you filled the woodstore on the label.
Add 2 years of drying time, because wood is dry enough to burn after 2 years. Providing it has been lying outside in the wind.

This analogue and battery-free Residual Humidity Meter is not exact to the decimal point, just like wood and fire aren’t either. But we guarantee that it will help you stoke dry wood and burn a better fire.

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