Two identical parts connected by the word VUUR (FIRE).

With this Vuurrooster fire grate, you can cook your own meal above the fire. A kettle and pan sit neatly side by side, so that your coffee and fried egg can be ready at the same time.

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It is easy to control the temperature with the Vuurrooster fire grate. Through pushing the feet deeper into the ground, the grate comes nearer to the fire, your kettle will get hotter and so the water comes to the boil more quickly. If you want to keep your coffee nice and warm, you can place the fire grate parallel to the fire. By moving your kettle around the grate towards and away from the fire, you can determine its temperature. Works for tea too!

Because the Vuurrooster grate allows you to accurately determine the distance your pans are positioned from the fire, you need a smaller fire than you might think.

The fire grate is made near us. Following sawing, bending and welding, we have it thermally blackened in an acid bath. The black oxide skin that results from this protects the fire grate from corrosion, so that it is pristine when you receive it. It is a good idea to store the Vuurrooster fire grate in a dry place after use.

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