Sjouwtas – brown


(Dutch for carrier bag)

A simple piece of cloth with handles will more than suffice for replenishing your stock of wood indoors.

This simple piece of 5mm thick felt has as its main constituent recyclable PET bottles. Strong, soft, and old bottles are put to good use.

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The handles are made from full grain leather and are stitched secure and fastened in place with rivets. Full grain leather is the upper hide of the ox with natural folds and oils. Intensive use accentuates the beauty of the full grain leather.

Want to use the Sjouwtas as a wood bag next to the stove, then you will see how useful the flap with revolver strap really is. You stack your firewood inside it, secure the flap and the Sjouwtas will remain standing until the wood is done.

The Sjouwtas is made in Rijen, Noord-Brabant.

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Dimensions 96 × 45 cm