WoodBee is more than a wood storage. With its unique honeycomb structure, the Woodbee is a charcteristic way of storing your wood and is expandable to your wishes.

Minimum order is 3 pieces with free shipping. Do you want to order fewer Woodbees? Request the price via info@leenders.nl.

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  • Depending on the heating habit, WoodBee can be composed of one, three or even more elements. One element is 86cm wide and 99cm high and holds 1/3 of 2 cubic meter of fire logs.

Cor-ten steel
The Woodbee Wall is manufactured from Cor-ten steel: a special alloy which forms a rust layer that protects the deeper layer of steel against corrosion. When exposed to the elements the steel gets a beautiful red glow, while keeping its solid construction.

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